Apparently, when you look at the actual files of the Fez soundtrack with a spectrogram, you'll find images of historical figures and scannable QR codes, one of which reveals a series of dates.

None of the secrets seem to interact with the game directly. It doesn't seem to reveal hidden areas of the game, or anything along those lines. Check out our original story below on how to get your hands on the soundtrack, which is great even without hidden pictures of eyeballs and smiley faces embedded in the song.


Original story

Fez released on April 13, and the soundtrack became available to pick up on Friday.

Click here to grab the album from artist Disasterpeace. You can also stream the soundtrack from the site if you just want some pleasant background noises while you write news stories on the weekend for Game Informer. I may be the only one using it for that express purpose, though.

Each of the 26 tracks has a brief description of how it was written, or the idea behind it. I am a fan of the track 'Sync' in particular.

Click here to check out our review of Fez.