The next-gen console rumors are running fast and thick, and one in particular has gamers talking: Will they support used games or not? Michael Pachter, industry analyst and managing director at Wedbush Securities, has some choice words on the subject.

When asked about rumors that the next Xbox system would not include a disc drive and not support used games, Pachter says those rumors are "so stupid as to be laughable."

Pachter thinks that both rumors make no sense because it's a divisive issue that could only give an advantage to the competition. If your console doesn't support used games, the other systems would gain ground simply by including the feature.

"Unless you believe in collusion – unless you believe that all the console manufacturers are going to get together and scheme to screw the consumer, and at least in the U.S. we have laws against that, so probably none of them would do that – then if one of them did that unilaterally (any one of those things), the others would say, "Hey wait a minute, we have a disc drive. Ours will play used games. Buy ours instead of there's.'

"[It's] not happening. Not even a prayer of that."

Pachter also thinks that the sheer number of gamers who deal in the used games market – or would at least appreciate the right to do so – is too large to freeze out. 

"No used games: Stupid."

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