Capcom held its annual Captivate event in Rome, Italy last week, offering new trailers, details, and screens for many of its announced projects. Captivate attendees also saw the first announcement of Lost Planet 3. This morning everything that was shown at the exclusive Rome event was unleashed onto the Internet, so we scooped it all up, reported it, and herded it into one story for your convenience.

Below you will find links to all of the information from the event:

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 Announced

Chill Out With These Lost Planet 3 Screens

Devil May Cry

Capcom Drops New Devil May Cry Screenshots

New Devil May Cry Trailer Shows Naked, "Sexual Deviant" Dante

Resident Evil 6

New Screens Show Off Wesker's Son And Sherry Birkin

Resident Evil 6 Gets New Trailer, Release Date

Dragon's Dogma

Beasts Attacked With Axes In New Dragon's Dogma Screens

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Bipedal Tanks Walk Around And Shoot Things In New Steel Battalion Trailer

Wave Your Hands At 10 New Steel Battalion Screens

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD

New Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Screens Show Off Collection's Upgraded And Ghastly Visuals

Street Fighter X Tekken Vita

Capcom Unleashes A Combo Of Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Videos

New Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Screens Contain Punching And Kicking Aplenty