Phil Kollar received an important interstellar message and now he has to return to his people. He’s leaving an empty space here at the office, because he’s taking all his stuffed animals.

Tim Turi: I’m clearing my entire gaming slate to save the galaxy once and for all. Not knowing what happens in Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending is driving me crazy, and I can’t wait to catch up.

Phil Kollar: Packing up my junk and moving it out of the office! Goodbye, GI, I’ll miss you!

Jeff Marchiafava: I finally managed to beat Mass Effect 3 last weekend, so I no longer have to worry about finishing up in order to avoid spoilers. I now have the time to head back to Skyrim, but considering the epic scale of both games, I might go with a bite-sized game instead. Maybe I’ll finally check out Journey, or try to finish up Spelunky.

Dan Ryckert: We’ll be celebrating Phil’s last day at the bar tonight. After that, my sights will be firmly set on Wrestlemania this Sunday. Oh yeah, and I gotta buy new shoes since I accidentally threw mine away.

Andy McNamara: Going out with Phil for his last day, then it's biking, video games (I'm thinking of starting Xenoblade), and watching some basketball. I have like six games I'm playing all at once at the moment: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Battleloot Adventure, Madcoaster, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning (which I still haven't finished), World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta (just want to finish the starting zone), and Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational. Yup, throwing Xenoblade in with that mix seems like a great idea, especially since I will need to finish it before Witcher 2 hits Xbox 360. Too much good stuff and not enough time in the day. I know, first world problems. Oh, and Game of Thrones this weekend…hells yes.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I’ll continue my trek across the great Bionis in Xenoblade. I’m really enjoying it so far, it is bringing me back to the days of being hopelessly addicted to Final Fantasy XII. In the evenings when I’m donning my nightcap I will most likely continue my journey in Pokemon SoulSilver, I still have all of Kanto to conquer. There’s also a small part of me that wants to pick up Skyrim again, but we’ll see.

Jeff Cork: I beat Mass Effect 3 last weekend, so now it’s back to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I bought the DLC for it, even though I haven’t beaten the campaign yet. Now it’s time to justify my purchase. I also need to get around to playing Journey. So busy!

Kyle Hilliard: I'm in South Carolina eating as much Chik-fil-a as I can before heading back to Minnesota. I forgot to bring my 3DS circle pad, and I can't go back to Resident Evil without it, so I've been tracking down all the hidden coins in Super Mario 3D Land.

Jason Oestreicher: My main goal this weekend is to finally beat Mass Effect 3 so I can walk around the office without headphones on. This has been long overdue and I lay the blame solely on Street Fighter X Tekken for occupying nearly all of my free time. There are a few other distractions/obstacles that may keep me from attaining this goal. Namely, the Devil May Cry HD Collection, watching Wrestlemania at Reiner’s, and the sudden and uncontrollable crying fits I’ve been having since Phil decided to leave.

Jeff Akervik: I'll be trying to finally finish up Mass Effect 3. Not knowing the ins and outs of this "polarizing" ending has led me to try and crank through the game a little faster than I normally would. That, and I've also got a nice little pile of games I have yet to get to once my run with Shepard is over (I'm thinking Skyrim, but we'll see). And here's hoping that Kentucky/Louisville Final Four game lives up to the drama and hostility surrounding it. Good times.