Famed Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is stepping away from his role at Capcom as he recovers from an unspecified illness.

Ono was hospitalized when he collapsed over the weekend at an event in Asia. His injuries were not severe. "I'll refrain from work for current job for a while," Ono wrote on Twitter. "Another person in charge of [the Street Fighter] series for a while. Of course I'll constant support to it."

Capcom issued a statement to Game Informer this afternoon saying Ono continues to have a major role with the company and more about his future will be revealed next week.

“Ono-san is a vital component of the Street Fighter franchise and he continues to play an important role on the R&D team at Capcom. More information regarding his involvement with future Street Fighter products will be revealed at Capcom’s annual Captivate event next week.”