Phosphor Games Studios is unveiling an update to its iOS game The Dark Meadow, which will add new content to the game while providing a way for new players to check out the spooky action/adventure game.

“We are extremely pleased at the overwhelming response by gamers and critics to The Dark Meadow, our very first iOS game, and we are glad to offer Dark Meadow: The Pact free of charge on iOS tonight and Android in April,” said Chip Sineni, director at Phosphor Games Studios. “For those ‘early adopters’ who bought the game when it was first released, we hope you enjoy all the new content and enhancements that were designed specifically in response to your feedback and to hardware enhancements that will now make the game more beautiful than ever on iOS.”   

The Dark Meadow is a first-person adventure game that puts players in a seemingly abandoned hospital, with no recollection of how they arrived there. They'll have to solve that mystery while battling twisted creatures, using crossbows, and melee weapons. Take a look at the game's launch trailer below to get a better sense of what to expect.

Here's what Phosphor says tonight's update will add to the game, which was nominated for an AIAS Interactive Achievement award last year:

  • iPad 3 retina support
  • New environments filled with challenging enemies, a new boss creature, and more of the beloved Trickster story and voice-over
  • New premium weapons and amulets, including
    • Lightbombs to devastate enemies
    • New swords and crossbow weapons with special attacks
    • Healthpacks that can be used in battle and to revive after death to remain in the fight
  • New “Fast Travel” warps that allow players to instantly move to floors they've unlocked
  • Addition of a world map to prevent players from getting lost
  • Added language support for Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • A new Premium Pack, including
    • 5 health kits
    • 13 bombs
    • 15,000 gold
    • 150 Sun coins
  • Ad free
The game's free-to-play version is hitting the iOS App Store tonight as well, with Dark Meadow: The Pact. If you've already picked up the full game, the Premium Pack will be available at no additional charge.