UPDATE  Sony has confirmed that PSP titles Everybody's Tennis and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge have been removed from the store due to security concerns with the Vita.

A Sony representative told us that sale of the two titles in question have been suspended due to "software stability improvement."

No timetable was given for their possible return.


ORIGINAL STORY: A few PSP titles have been taken out of the PSN store due to possible Vita hacking concerns.

Homebrewer W.Ololo has posted that some enterprising hackers have been using the digital versions of PSP games Everybody's Tennis (a Japan/Europe title) and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge to enable the Vita to play homebrew games. The exploit does not allow for pirated games or let people tap into the full capabilities of the system. Using legitimate software as an end run around a console's security is a fairly common technique that dates back to the NES era. 

Both titles have been removed from the store in an apparent attempt to address the situation. We've contacted Sony and will let you know if we hear anything on the matter.

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