The Game Informer monthly staff page is a forum where we all come together and talk about what's cool right now. We'll get the ball rolling and would love to hear everyone's current interests, dislikes, and favorite games.

Andy McNamara

Interests: Sonoma And Napa Wine Country Is Surprisingly Hilly and Beautiful When You Are Hammered On Wine, Chatting With People On Twitter About Why They Are Wrong And I Am Right (I Kid, By The Way), Cycling

Dislikes: When I Was A Kid I Played This Ridiculously Hard Adventure Game On The Original Macintosh That Took Me Months To Defeat, And When I Finally Put In The Final Piece To The Final Puzzle All It Said Was Game Over And Restarted (Note: I Did Not Petition The Company To Redo The Ending), My Stupid Broken Rib

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, MyTown 2, Tiny Tower, Pinball FX 2, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Super Stardust Delta, Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning, Draw Something

Andrew Reiner

Interests: Mass Effect 3's Baseball Card-Like Loot System (I Love Getting New Gear After Mission Completion), Mass Effect 3's Ending (It Made Perfect Sense To Me), LEGOs DC & Marvel Sets (I'm Buying All Of Them), I Am Alive's Gunplay/Intimidation System (I Like Giving Enemies A Chance To Live)

Dislikes: BioWare Caving In To Fan Demands, LucasFilm's Decision To Keep Darth Maul Alive (You Might As Well Bring Back Yoda While You Are At It)

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, I Am Alive, MLB 12: The Show (PS3 & Vita), Asura's Wrath

Matt Helgeson

Interests: Justified, Enter Naomi: L.A., SST, And All That By Joe Carducci, Spring, Riding My Bike

Dislikes: New Orleans Saints, Ricky Rubio's Season-Ending Injury, Primary Season

Current Favorite Games: Draw Something, Mass Effect, Super Stickman Golf, Joe Danger

Matthew Kato

Interests: The Return Of Mad Men, TCM's Month Of British New Wave Cinema Mondays, Warby Parker Glasses, The Mass Effect 3 Datapad (More Games Need This Kind of Game Management App)

Dislikes: BioWare's Caving To Angry Fans For The Mass Effect 3 Ending, People Low-Balling User Reviews Out Of Spite (A Bad Metacritic Could Mean Developers' Jobs!), My iPhone Randomly Skipping Over Songs For No Apparent Reason

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey

Adam Biessener

Interests: Expansions That Rekindle My Love For Great Games, Getting Back On My Bicycle, Fantasy Baseball Starting Up Again, Going To My First MLB Home Opener (How Have I Not Done That Yet?), Having An Objectively Clean Garage For The First Time In My Life

Dislikes: The First Major Injury On My Fantasy Team Coming Before The Season Even Starts (What The Heck, Soria?! I Know Your Team Sucks, But I Was Counting On Those Saves), People Who Think Littering Is Ever Okay, The Train Wreck That The Twins' Season Is About To Be

Current Favorite Games: The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition, Tropico 4: Modern Times, Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai, Kingdom Rush

Interests: David Foster Wallace: The Big, Uncut Interview, Grain Belt (Stuff It, Beer Snobs), Spelling Tests, I'm Too Old For This!

Dislikes: The Back To The Future novelization (The Commentary Is Great, Though), Encyclopaedia Britannica Going Out Of Print, Pi Day (Dumbest "Holiday" Of The Year), I Am The Lorax – I Speak For…SUVs? (I Hate You, Mazda)

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Tiny Tower, Draw Something, Journey, Devil May Cry HD Collection

Matt Miller

Interests: Early Springs In Minnesota, The Penalty of Knowledge, Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi, The Increasing Focus On Storytelling In Multiplayer Games,  The Right For Creators To Conclude A Project The Way They Want

Dislikes: Fans Feeling They're Entitled To Change The Vision Of A Creative Team, The Closing Of Picnik, The Long Wait Ahead For This Holiday's Awesome Game Lineup

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Assassin's Creed III

Matt Bertz

Interests: 80 Degrees March In Minnesota, Chronicle, Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself, Sonoma House Party 2012, Watching The Brilliance Of Lionel Messi, Assassin's Creed III Embracing The Open World, Finally Getting More Battlefield 3 Maps

Dislikes: BF3 Going Close Quarters For The First Map Pack, Entitled Fans Clamoring For A New Mass Effect 3 Ending (If I Can't Get A Real Deadwood Ending, You Can Eat Your ME 3 Finale And Like It), The Vikings' Stunning Inactivity During Free Agency (2-14 Here We Come!)

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, I Am Alive, Journey, Assassin's Creed III, Draw Something

Interests: Messing Around On My New IPad, Finally Getting Around To Playing A Ton Of Fun iOS Games, Catching Up On Mad Men

Dislikes: Companies That Coddle Entitled Gamers, Entitled Gamers, Having To Avoid Spoilers In News Stories About Companies Coddling Entitled Gamers

Current Favorite Games: Assassin's Creed 3, Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two, Jet Pack Joyride

Ben Reeves

Interests: The Walker’s Lifelike Exhibit, Comparing Dallas BBQ To Kansas BBQ, Open Eye Figure Theatre’s The Sorcerer's Apprentice Puppet Show, Trips To The Dentist That Don’t End In Pain

Dislikes: The Hunger Games (The Book Wasn’t Terrible, But I Don’t Understand The Hype), The Way People Are Reacting To Mass Effect’s Ending (Go Make Your Own Ending Out Of LEGOs Or Something)

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Resident Evil: Revelations, Draw Something

Bryan Vore

Interests: The New iPad, Going To The Hunger Games Movie Very Soon, Watching Wrestlemania, Game Of Thrones, And Mad Men In One Big Superblock On April 1st, Dorito Loco Tacos, Thai Boxing

Dislikes: Paying Lots Of Money For Thai Boxing Workouts, The New iPad Not Having A Real Name, iPad Addiction, Having To Stay Away From The Internet Because Of Mass Effect 3 Ending Spoilers

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, Resident Evil: Revelations, Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, Draw Something

Philip Kollar

Interests: Hunger Games (The Book, Which Has A Great Concept Despite Kind Of Silly Writing), A Storm Of Swords (Finally Finished, And It Was Nuts!), Game Of Thrones On DVD, The New Fun CD Some Nights, The Resurrection Of Baldur’s Gate, Preparing For My First-Ever Trip To PAX, This 20 Years Of Sonic The Hedgehog Let’s Play

Dislikes: The Unnecessary Hate For Japanese Games At This Year’s GDC, John Carter, Random Food Poisoning, Comic Thieves

Current Favorite Games: Guild Wars 2, Yakuza: Dead Souls, Xenoblade Chronicles, Etrian Odyssey, The Last Story, Mass Effect 3

Jeff Marchiafava

Interests: Apparently Winter Is Over Even Though It Never Really Started, Cooking A Week’s Worth Of Chicken Fried Rice At A Time, Shooting Ben Hanson In The Crotch With Nerf Darts, Ben Hanson’s Comically Exaggerated Reaction To Getting Shot In The Crotch With Nerf Darts (You’d Think They Were Made Out Of Lead…The Darts, That Is), Pizza (I Don’t Need An Idiotic Twitter Count To Still Love The Stuff)

Dislikes: How Bad Ben Hanson Is At Draw Something (As If I Didn’t Already Have Enough Reasons To Shoot Him In The Crotch With Nerf Darts), Online Petitions, Nazis

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Draw Something, Blast Monkeys

Dan Ryckert

Interests: Proving That I Am Objectively Intellectually Superior To Joe Juba, Wrestlemania Season, GDC Karaoke Parties, Dorito Loco Tacos

Dislikes: Birds Crapping On Me In Target Parking Lots, Every Single Thing That Happened On The Oscars, QTE Overload In Ninja Gaiden 3, Most Things About San Francisco, Everything I’ve Seen About Kinect Star Wars, Kinect Not Recognizing Voice Commands In The Middle Of Mass Effect 3 Battles, That Smelly Fat Lady Next To Me On That Flight

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, Jak & Daxter Collection, Hero Academy, Draw Something

Interests: Rock Climbing, Warm Weather, Volcano Curry, Breaking Bad, Barefoot Running, Blink, Netflix, The Cat I’m Watching, Kicking Dan In Muay Thai, Heavy, All That Remains, Video Game Music, Biking

Dislikes: Constant Dubstep Everywhere, Constant Internet Chatter About Mass Effect 3’s Ending, Not Having The Drive To Play Star Wars: The Old Republic

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, I Am Alive, Asura’s Wrath, Resident Evil: Revelations, Draw Something, Journey, Super Mario 3D Land, Dillon’s Rolling Western

Ben Hanson

Interests: Biking, Monster Mix, Super Replay Showdown Drama, And Please Don’t Tell Anybody But Also Celebrity Apprentice

Dislikes: Having My Bike Fall Apart On The Second Ride Of The Season, Mass Effect 3 Spoilers, The Internet’s Reaction To Mass Effect 3

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, League of Evil 2, Super Paper Mario, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Kyle Hilliard

Interests: I Finally Finished Reading The Hunger Games Trilogy And Early Feedback On The Film Is Making Me Very Optimistic, Community Is Back On The Air And I Really Hope It Stays, Watching The Game Of Thrones HBO Television Series And Having A Wife Who Read The Book To Explain Everything I Am Missing, Shameless On Showtime, Doug Loves Movies Podcast, Sweetart Jellybeans

Dislikes: PlayStation 3 Download Times (4 Hours To Download the ~500 MB Journey Is Absurd), Trying To Change The End Of Mass Effect 3

Current Favorite Games: Mass Effect 3, Journey, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Draw Something, Resident Evil: Revelations, Jak II

Jim Reilly

Interests: Girls With Good-Looking Teeth, Reading Things Written By Tim Turi, Warm Weather

Dislikes: Bad Shampoo, Having To Buy Toilet Paper, The Way This Hockey Season Is Ending

Current Favorite Games: Fallout: New Vegas

Jason Oestreicher

Interests: Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza, Live Streams, Green Light On Phase One

Dislikes: Everything QA Missed In Street Fighter X Tekken, Changing Endings, The Box Maze In My Living Room

Current Favorite Games: Street Fighter X Tekken, Mass Effect 3