Could game collections be a thing of the past? If reports about the Xbox 360's successor pan out, you may not need to clear up as much shelf space when next-gen hardware rolls out.

MCV has some interesting things to say about Microsoft's next-generation hardware. Citing an anonymous source, MCV says Microsoft has told its development partners that the console is foregoing an optical disc drive entirely. The source says the system will have support for a removable solid-state storage card instead, which could be another step toward a digitally distributed future.

In addition to that tidbit, MCV is reporting that the system is set for a 2013 launch, which could mean we may see some sort of hardware announcement at this year's E3.

At this time, details about the next Xbox are fluid, to say the least. A few months ago, the system purportedly had a Blu-ray drive. We have heard similar details regarding the next Xbox's lack of a disc drive and a solid-state card in conversations with software developers, but until Microsoft says it's so, we'll have to be patient and remain skeptical.