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Rumor: Mass Effect-Themed Costume DLC Coming To Final Fantasy XIII-2

Late last year, we heard that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be receiving Assassin's Creed clothing for main character Noel as DLC. That seems strange enough, but apparently Square isn't stopping the cross-company, cross-franchise add-ons there. A new rumor suggests that Mass Effect costume DLC is on the way for FF XIII-2.

SiliconEra is reporting this rumor from "a source," with no follow-up information on if the costume will be for Serah or Noel, when it will be released, or how much it might cost. With the release of Mass Effect 3 right around the corner, presumably we'll hear confirmation soon if this is legit.

Here's the real question, though: Who is spending money on dressing up your characters when it doesn't affect the gameplay at all? Maybe if the Mass Effect costume came with a rocket launcher to use in combat or something....

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