The Humble Indie Bundle has been a boon for small developers, providing players with great games for whatever price they deem worthy. This new offshoot focuses on indie game music, and gives gamers a little over a week to pick up some great soundtracks.

The website for Indie Game Music Bundle 2 contains five soundtracks from the following games: Aquaria, Sword & Sworcery, To The Moon, Jamestown, and Machinarium. Like the Humble Indie Bundle, you can pay anything you want for them. However, if you pay more than 10 dollars, you'll also get the soundtracks to Shatter, 8-Bit Pimp, Mighty Switch Force, Cat Astro Phi, Passcode, Machinarium bonus EP, Tower of Heaven, Eternal Daughter, Songs for the Cure, and potentially more, as new soundtracks are being added at various sales levels. Not a bad price for so much music. If you want a taste of what you'll be getting, the website above links to sample songs from all of the OSTs.

[via Original Sound Version]