The annual Game Developers Conference is always an interesting time, providing a forum for software engineers, artists, and other industry types to share what they've learned with the development community. This year sees the return of the Classic Game Postmortem series, with four games getting deep dives by the folks who helped create them. The games include Alone in the Dark, Fallout, Gauntlet, and Harvest Moon.

“The classic postmortems were first conceived as a special way to help celebrate the twenty-fifth edition of GDC last year, but after seeing its overwhelming success and due to popular demand, we decided to make it a permanent fixture at the conference, considering how many important and influential games we have yet to explore,” said Meggan Scavio, GDC general manager.  “From the definitive survival horror and RPG experiences to the original farm simulation game to an arcade legend that ate quarters from every GDC attendee, we are confident that there will be a variety of fascinating lessons to be learned for everyone who comes to these sessions.”

The series began last year with an all-star roster that included Prince of Persia, Pac-Man, Elite, Another World, Marble Madness, Doom, Pitfall!, Bejeweled, Populous, Raid on Bungeling Bay, and Maniac Mansion.

This year's talks include a look at the 1992 survival-horror pioneer Alone in the Dark, presented by designer Frederick Raynal; a discussion on the post-apocalyptic tactical RPG Fallout, by producer and lead programmer Ed Logg; an examination on the arcade hit Gauntlet by prolific designer Timothy Cain; and a look at Harvest Moon from director and designer Yasuhiro Wada.

GDC will be taking place from March 5-9 in San Francisco, and we'll have plenty of reports from the scene.