Looking for a reason to play more NeverDead? Really? Well, I guess it's your lucky day. Konami has revealed the details for the first DLC pack for its limb-severing shooter.

The DLC pack will be available on February 21, and will feature a new playable character, challenges, and costumes, as well as an expanded level.

The new character is named Nikki Summerfield, a "fashionable, charismatic pop-idol," who can be used in co-op challenges in the online multiplayer. The three new challenges take place in an expanded version of the Asylum level. They include Egg Hunt, which sounds a bit like the Powerball event from American Gladiators; Fragile Alliance, a combination of on-foot racing and fighting; and Onslaught, which tasks players with killing enemies in the Asylum one section at a time.

 Will getting the DLC be worth your time? We'll let Matt's review, plus the inclusion of Bryce Boltzmann on this list speak for itself.