UPDATE: As promised, the Skyrim Creation Kit is now out! The special surprise that Bethesda promised turned out to be a high-res texture pack for the PC version of Skyrim that is also now live. Get all the details for both at the Bethesda Blog and watch the video below for a 15-minute introduction to the powerful Creation Kit tool.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bethesda wasn't kidding when it said coming soon.

According to The Elder Scroll's facebook page, the creation kit will be available to PC players on Tuesday February 7 and it will include a "special surprise". No telling what the surprise is, but I am going to take wild blind-folded stab in the dark and guess that it is a coupon for some free bread sticks to a yet to be determined pizza place.

Click here to find out more about the creation kit, and why it means a whole lot of new content for Skyrim, if you're on PC anyway.

Thanks to Roccondil for the news tip!