Maybe you didn’t know this but Supergiant Games is cool people. The developer of Bastion just sent out a retail copy of their downloadable title to a soldier who couldn’t access it otherwise.

Reddit user bolivar-shagnasty blogged about his experience here, but the gist of the story is that he is stationed in Afghanistan and loves games, but isn’t always able to play many of the download-only indie titles that many of us take for granted, so he email Supergiant to see if the developer had any plans to put out a retail release. Here is what happen next:

“I got a response back from Greg from Supergiant. This wasn't a customer service rep or PR guy. It was Greg Kasavin, a writer and designer for the game (it says it on their website so I don't feel like he would mind the name drop). He told me they had no plans on releasing a physical copy in the future, but if I gave him my address then he would see what he could do. A few weeks later I get a copy of the game and some Bastion swag. All he asks for in return is for me to get a copy on Steam when I come home. I've never really seen customer service like this before and thought Reddit would like to know.”

Pretty cool little story. We’re glad to see a developer go out of their way to help a fellow gamer.