McFarlane Toys' long running Halo action figure series is finally offering the character everyone has been waiting for: the red flag. That's right. If you purchase the Team Objectives set (the first Halo: Reach accessory set), you'll get the red flag, a red Spartan Mark V, five flaming skulls (why not, right?), a gravity hammer, the always useful Covenant assault bomb, and stupid blue and gray flags. This set will hit store shelves in February.

McFarlane is also releasing two other sets: Invasion, a pack that includes a red Spartan Grenadier, a blue Elite General, a UNSC Data Core and a Covenant Data Core. The final set, Generator Defense, offers a generator (duh) and a male Spartan JFO with a shotgun. If you don't want to buy a set, McFarlane is also offering individual figures for Jun, Kat, a Brute Major, an Elite Zealot, a Sabre Pilot, a Spartan HazOp, Recon, and JFO.