Recoil Games' gravity defying 2D space action/puzzle/platformer was one of this year's most entertaining downloadable titles, but not enough people played it. Let’s fix that.

Okay, look, here’s the deal. We’re professionals over here at Game Informer, but we live busy lives. We run a magazine and a website and Skyrim came out this year; we don’t have a lot of time. We wanted to do this sweet Rochard video, but with the rush of holiday stories and trying to cram gift buying into our schedules, we just didn’t have as much time to plan it all out. We shot the following video in one take without a script or a rehearsal, so basically we’re acting like idiots the whole time and we didn’t play very well. We’re sorry, and we hope you’ll still be our friends. Please don’t let our terrible behavior reflect poorly on the game. Rochard is still a great downloadable title, and you should go check it out on PSN or Steam right now. Happy Holidays!