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Trion Worlds Alerts Customers Of Possible Security Breach

Customers of Trion Worlds received an e-mail today alerting them that their customer information had been compromised.

According to the e-mail, the information that was accessed by hackers included user names, encrypted passwords, dates of birth, email addresses, billing addresses, and the first and last four digits and expiration dates of customer credit cards.

Luckily, it sounds like the most worrisome data was not stolen. The e-mail to customers reads, "There is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full credit card information was accessed or compromised in any way. We have already taken further action to strengthen our systems, even as we, with external security experts, continue to research the extent of the unauthorized access."

The e-mail also points out that player's time in the MMO Rift will not be interrupted, but players will receive three days of complimentary game time after doing the required password change next time they log in.

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