As of this weekend, Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld is out and in the hands of Japanese gamers. Unfortunately, those early adopters are likely to be hitting a few speed bumps on the road to next-gen handheld gaming.

Cheap Ass Gamer founder CheapyD posted the video below on his YouTube account. In it, he attempts to tie his PlayStation Network account to his Vita only to be told that he has to download a system update...that the system seemingly won't allow him to download.

Eventually, CheapyD discovered that he had to tell the system that he didn't want to use his existing PSN account, create a trial account, download the system update, and then switch over to his real PSN account. If that seems like an inconvenient, unintuitive, painful process, it's because it is. Then again, having a system update already out this early is pretty weird in and of itself. Here's hoping Sony tweaks things before the Vita launches in North America in February.