Gamers can expect to see some spectacular deaths in Hi-Rez Studios' upcoming free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend.

The multiplayer-based shooter gives you all kinds of opportunities to kill with style, as emphasized by the new trailer below. Tribes: Ascend is also the first FPS to be selected for inclusion by the North American Star League, an eSports broadcaster, and will be featured as a promotional title throughout its third season.

“As developers, we are excited to offer a fast paced, high skill-ceiling shooter for this generation of gamers.” says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. “Tribes: Ascend and NASL are a great fit in terms of dedication to competition and high-quality, high-engagement content.”

The game is currently scheduled for release next year, but eager fans can sign up for the closed beta through the official website right now.