Update 3: Xenoblade Chronicles will be available exclusively through U.S. GameStop retail locations and Nintendo's website for $49.99.

Update 2: Nintendo of America has confirmed Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America in April next year for the Wii. The company has not commented on whether or not the game will be sold exclusively at GameStop at this time, however.

Update: In an astonishing coincidence, Nintendo has updated its Facebook page with a few images from the game. Odd.

Original Story: In spite of vocal protests from hopeful fans and critical acclaim, Nintendo decided not to bring Monolith's RPG Xenoblade Chronicles over to the United States. That may change come April, if forum chatter is to be believed.

According to a post on gaming forum NeoGaf, retailer GameStop is listing the game internally as an exclusive due out for an April 13, 2012, release. Nothing has been officially announced at this time, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, that's potentially great news for RPG enthusiasts.

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