Ubisoft recently sent out e-mails to those who played the newest Call of Jaurez: The Cartel to find out what fans would like to see in a sequel.

The Cartel did not do well critically, scoring a 47 on metacritic, so it's a bit surprising to see Ubisoft gathering information for a sequel. Especially when you consider the other recent project from the same developer Techland was Dead Island, a much more successful release, scoring and 80 on metacritic. You would think it would be putting all of its resources towards a sequel for that game.

The survey asks oddly specific plot related questions like whether players would prefer a story about, "rescuing an innocent man about to be hanged up," or, "having a gun duel in the empty main street of a town against your worst enemy," among other options.

After the success of Red Dead Redemption, it was a surprise to see the newest Juarez take place in modern times. If the survey leads to a new Juarez title, it looks like they will be returning to the old west.

[via The Gaming Liberty]