Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda 51 (pictured), Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno, and Seaman creator Yoot Saito are lending their talents to an eclectic 3DS project called Guild 01.

Andriasang discovered the new project while paging through the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Each of the creators is developing his own self-contained experience for the collection.

Suda 51, best known for his work on Killer 7 and Shadows of the Damned, signed on to create a 3D shooter called Kaiho Shojo. According to PikiGeek, players take the role of the Japanese president 100 years in the future. When a group of demon beasts attack the island nation, he takes control of a giant robot to purge the threat. The game features the animation stylings of the Cowboy Bebop: The Movie studio Bones.

Yasumi Matsuno, the celebrated director responsible for critical darlings like the Ogre series and Vagrant Story, is creating a dark fantasy RPG called Crimson Shroud. Matsuno recently left Square Enix for Level-5 because he wanted to exercise complete control over smaller projects like this.

Yoot Saito (Odama, SimTower) is attempting the near impossible in trying to make a airport baggage management simulator fun. Then again, his tower building simulation impressed SimCity developer Will Wright enough that he convinced EA to localize the game for American audiences, so he clearly knows what he's doing. In Air Porter, the better you handle the steady flow of luggage, the more your airport will expand.

The fourth game in the collection, Rental Bukiya de Omasse, puts you in the role of a weapon shop owner who creates and rents his wares to adventurers. This game falls under the guidance of Yoshiyuki Hirai, who is most famous for being a member of the Japanese comedy duo America Zarigani.

At this point we don't know if this game is coming to North American shores. Level-5 is holding a press event in Japan on Saturday so look for more details to emerge over the weekend regarding this 2012 release.