At long last, Polyphony Digital will be offering DLC for Gran Turismo 5, and the content is broken up into four packs that have something for everyone.

Although the significant 2.0 Update is now available, the DLC packs won't come out until October 18.

All of these packs can be also be bought in one bundle for $11.99, and PlayStation Plus members will also get a discount on the DLC the first month it comes out.


The Course Pack ($4.99)

This features the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, with its difficult turns and changes in elevation, as well as a Polyphony Digital-created neon kart course (at top).


Racing Car Pack ($11.99)

This pack contains 15 cars, including 11 touring editions of cars already in the game, 3 karts, and the Red Bull/Polyphony developed Red Bull X2010 prototype.


Paint Pack ($1.99)

Gives you 100 paint chips to play with, including matte, aluminum, and chrome shades.


Racing Gear Pack ($2.99)

Comes with 90 pieces of racing gear, including the firesuits of four un-specified NASCAR drivers, and the suit and helmet of WRC's Sebastien Loeb, among others.