Do you have shelves that need filling? Do you like video games? Are you a fan of that crazy 8-bit retro thing that the kids just seem to go wild over these days? If you answered "yes" to at least two of those questions, this could be the most incredible day of your entire life. 72 Pins is selling genuine NES carts plastered with spiffy retro art based on contemporary games. And they are awesome.

72 Pins has a bunch of games in its roster, from a variety of different artists. They're $20 a pop, and include art based on such heavy hitters as God of War, BioShock, Halo, and Dead Space. Better still, Okami is available (love it!!!), and carts based on Resident Evil, Super Meat Boy, and PaRappa the Rapper (lovelovelovelovelove) are coming soon.

The carts are technically functional, though they're not related to the games pictured on them. Think of it this way: In addition to getting a nice little chunk of art, you're also getting a surprise! Wow ! Also, these will eliminate the embarrassing problem of Bare Shelf Syndrome.

And that completes my mandatory public service for the day.


Source: 72 Pins via Joystiq