Can you imagine how harrowing it must be to pitch a game to a huge console manufacturer with their brand new hardware in mind? Twisted Pixel, the developer behind ‘Splosion Man, had to do just this with Microsoft for their new motion control device. However, the two creators attending the meeting only had three minutes to force a eureka moment.

The story goes that Twisted Pixel had a game in mind for the Kinect (then Project Natal) which incorporated precise finger movements. After getting to know the tech, the Twisted Pixel guys realized they couldn’t pitch the idea. They were forced to come up with something fresh in the three minutes the Microsoft representative took to use the restroom.

"Mike [Wilford, CEO]'s kind of chatting with other Microsoft people, and I'm like, frantically looking around the restaurant just trying to think of ideas," said Bear. "To my left, there was this painting of a skeleton cowboy and I looked at it and just -- literally -- I was like 'OK: Skeleton cowboy that needs to get revenge on posse ... marionette. F*** it.'"

Despite the rocky beginnings, the final product ended up being pretty darned good. Check out the rest of The Gunstringer's hilarious origin story over at Joystiq.