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Fox News Takes On Green Gaming

Gamers don't expect too much from Fox "Mass Effect Is Hardcore Porn" News, but the station's recent coverage of environmentally conscious games is like jumping down a crazy rabbit hole.

You can watch the segment for yourself below, but here's the short version: Games like SimCity Societies and the satirical McVideoGame are supposedly promoting a liberal agenda by encouraging players to consider the impact of climate change. This constitutes using scare tactics to secretly convert children into tree-hugging hippies.

The view is put forward by guest T.J. McCormack, whose credentials include being a radio host and a parent. Not, as it turns out, any sort of environmental expert. Also, many of the games referenced came out years ago; SimCity Societies and Flower (which isn't mentioned but shown) were 2007 releases, and the McVideoGame came out in 2006. I didn't know outrage needed such a long incubation period.

[Source: Gamertag Radio via The Escapist]

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