Gamers don't expect too much from Fox "Mass Effect Is Hardcore Porn" News, but the station's recent coverage of environmentally conscious games is like jumping down a crazy rabbit hole.

You can watch the segment for yourself below, but here's the short version: Games like SimCity Societies and the satirical McVideoGame are supposedly promoting a liberal agenda by encouraging players to consider the impact of climate change. This constitutes using scare tactics to secretly convert children into tree-hugging hippies.

The view is put forward by guest T.J. McCormack, whose credentials include being a radio host and a parent. Not, as it turns out, any sort of environmental expert. Also, many of the games referenced came out years ago; SimCity Societies and Flower (which isn't mentioned but shown) were 2007 releases, and the McVideoGame came out in 2006. I didn't know outrage needed such a long incubation period.

[Source: Gamertag Radio via The Escapist]