So I heard that Notch, the creator of Minecraft, made a game over the weekend.I sat down to try out Prelude to the Chambered for a few minutes, and ended up playing for nearly a half hour. You can try your hand at the game, too. Right now. Free of charge.

The exploration-based adventure tasks players with collecting tools necessary to escape a mysterious prison. I traveled through crypts, and an ice cavern, and eventually met my demise in a ghost-filled labyrinth. The game isn't just impressive for being made from scratch in one weekend, it's impressive in general. Notch knows good game design.

Don't be deterred by the simplistic graphics, the game is surprisingly deep for what it is. Though, if you're familiar with Notch's work, you're not really concerned with aesthetics.

Play Prelude of the Chambered in your browser.