In a week that saw America lose face in the financial world by losing it's triple-A bond rating from Standard & Poor's, Microsoft stepped up to deliver a final, withering kick to the crotch of a once-great nation: Jersey Shore avatar items on Xbox Live Arcade.

Yes, the MTV reality drunkards are everywhere these days, and now they've hit Xbox Live. For anywhere from 80 to 320 Microsoft points, you can sacrifice whatever small amount of self-respect you had left to outfit your avatar with such items as a Snooki hair, Jersey Shore sunglasses, a J-Woww black dress and hoop earrings, and a Paulie D haircut. The picture above is what my avatar looks like with "The Situation abs." Now, I'm going off to crawl into my shame cave. I suggest you do the same.

Oh, yeah, here's the link to the items in the Live store.