George Miller, the man responsible for directing, writing, and producing 1979 post-apocalyptic classic Mad Max, is the co-founder of a production house that is rumored to be interested in absorbing the remainder of L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi. Employees of George Miller’s KMM Studio are reporting seeing Team Bondi members, including infamous studio founder Brendan McNamara.

“Brendan McNamara was seen walking through the buildings of Dr. D yesterday, where Happy Feet 2 is being made,” claimed Kotaku’s trusted source.

The plot thickens when you learn that Sydney-based Dr.D is already staffed by some former Team Bondi folks who fled the reported crappy working conditions. Seeing their former boss presumably getting a tour of his potential new office was upsetting, says the source.

Apparently George Miller is a fan of Team Bondi’s work, and the fact that the company didn’t sacrifice their vision to meet deadlines.

“The word is going round that Team Bondi is being folded into KMM studios, Team Bondi is pretty much doomed after the scandal and can’t find any new supporters, so by doing this they can hide their name,” says the source.

KMM is currently working on a video game version of Happy Feet 2 to tie in with the animated film’s release. Allegedly KMM shifted focus away from a Mad Max title to the penguin-packed game.

If this proves to be true, the Team Bondi refuges at Dr.D could be in for a bitter reacquaintance should George Miller choose to take on the rest of the sullied Australian developer.