Some online resume posting suggests that Rockstar may have been working on a 3D open-world game for Nintendo DS.

SystemLink Nintendo has run the following story, which we are reporting as a rumor until we receive official word from Rockstar:

A couple of Internet resume postings seem to point to the fact that Rockstar had been working on a open-world game for DS. The most notable was from a former AI programmer at the company's Rockstar Leeds studio (which created Chinatown Wars). In his or her online resume contained the following passage:

"Later I worked on an unannounced DS title set in a full 3D open world. For this title I worked on various AI Systems including a complex hand to hand combat system. I ended my position at Rockstar while working on L.A. Noire for PS3."

SystemLink also saw a posting by an art assistant – still at Rockstar Leeds – which lists: "2D and 3D art, prop placement and research."

Now before people get too excited, it's important to note that this in all likelihood represents a cancelled project. Given the fact that 3DS is out and Vita is on the horizon, devoting serious resources to a groundbreaking 3D DS title seems like an odd move for Rockstar. Also, the current employee could well be doing 3D assets for another game in development at Rockstar, just as the former AI programmer had done some work on L.A. Noire.

We've reached out to Rockstar for an official statement. Until then, regard this as a rumor. That said, Rockstar has done tremendous work in the handheld space on both DS and PSP, so we hope the company has plans for this new generation of handhelds.