A new device lets you replace a keyboard and mouse with straightforward digital controls to press with your ten little toes.

We got word today that the SoftStep KeyWorx system is ready for review, a new interface system that places a special digital input device on the ground to manipulate onscreen events. While it would be easy to dismiss the product as silly, there are a number of users who may be pretty excited about a foot-navigated digital interface, including those with severe disability in their hands and arms, or severe carpal tunnel sufferers. For people in that boat, a product like this could finally be a route to play at least some video games unaided.

Plus, for the rest of us, it would be pretty challenging to try to play an honest to goodness action game with one of these things. It's like an extra difficulty level!

Check out the video below, including a brief demo of the KeyWorx SoftStep being used to navigate a game. If you or someone you know could utilize an interface method like this, here is the company's website.