Molyneux is known in the industry for his enthusiasm when discussing video games, but recently it seems the developer has gotten a bit bored. In a recent interview, he describes his problem with modern games.

In the latest issue of Xbox World 360, Molyneux discusses the sameness of games. "I'm trying to think of a more diplomatic way of saying this, but I'm just a little bit bored of doing things the same way in games. While I love all the drama of modern games, there is this sameness about it.

"They're essentially the same - one's got a green palette, one's got a grey palette; you're shooting and ducking and diving and it just seems almost on the point of being a little bit like Hollywood where they have got into this rut with their action films.

"...I think mixing things up with emotional gameplay and mixing things up with the way you play and the feeling of connections and feels a bit more refreshing for me. But I'm obviously going to answer like that because I work in computer games."

Do you think Kinect has what it takes to change up gameplay? In a good way?

[via CVG]