European gamers who haven't checked out the charmingly flawed Deadly Premonition will soon have a chance to pick it up on Xbox Live's Games on Demand service. Will the game get a similar treatment in North America?

Starting on July 5, the survival horror cult classic from Access Games (and director Swery) will be available for download on the Games on Demand marketplace in the European territory. Unfortunately, that doesn't guarantee that the game will hit the service for U.S. gamers. Deadly Premonition was published by different companies in North America (Ignition) and Europe (Rising Star), so they could be making different deals with Microsoft in different regions.

Still, even if you can't get Deadly Premonition through Games on Demand, you can still buy a retail copy. If nothing else, you can look forward to the next project from the developer.

[Source: GamePro]