While most gamers know Bungie from the blockbuster Halo franchise, but the company first won the hearts of hardcore players with its groundbreaking 1994 first person shooter Marathon. If you've never played it, you'll soon have a chance to experience this old-time classic on today's hottest consumer electronics device, Apple iPad.

Marathon for iPad is an interesting project, as it is the result of the efforts of one ambitious Marathon fan: programmer Daniel Blezek.

In an interview on Bungie.net, Blezek explains the genesis of the project. I got started doing iOS development in my day job." said Blezek. "I've always been intrigued with game development, and have written several different games for a variety of platforms, so naturally, I tried my hand on the iOS, porting a game with a friend. That lead to poking around with other projects. When the iPad was announced, I was between night-time projects, and had been playing through the Marathon trilogy. Playing with the iPad got me thinking about playing Marathon on the platform, and so the project was born."

Blezek used the source code for Marathon, which has been available to the open-source community since 1999. Bungie liked his work enough to allow a proper release on iOS. While we don't know when it will be live on the App Store, we will keep you posted.