If you've been meaning to dip your toes into the bricks of LEGO Universe but weren't certain about paying for it, the LEGO Group has some news for you. Starting this August, the kid-friendly MMO will incorporate a free-to-play element. Additionally, players will be able to download the client at no cost instead of having to shell out the cash for the game's DVD.

If you opt for the free-to-play experience, you can explore two adventure areas (from the full game's selection of more than 15) and will have access to one personal area where you can construct your own models. There won't be any support for microtransactions, and LEGO says that the game will continue to support itself through paid subscriptions.

It's certainly a good deal for players with short attention spans or for parents who aren't certain if their kids will warm up to the idea of playing with virtual bricks. If you can spare a little hard-drive space this August, you can check out LEGO Universe for yourself and see if you think it's worth the $10 per month subscription.