Cosplayer Tracy (Kiwi5Frog) braved the cold to shoot her tribute to DCUO’s Circe, preparing the costume in less than a week to make an upcoming deadline. Check out a handful of snaps of the Wonder Woman villain below.

Who: The Character
Circe is a Wonder Woman Villain from DC Comics. She’s had quite a few different costume designs over the years, but this one specifically was released in October 2010 for DC Comics’ MMO, DC Universe Online (which was launched January 2011). In game, she functions as the mentor for villains if you choose to walk on the wild side. She’s most notable for her magic spells that turn people into animals (an ode to the original Circe from Greek mythology).

Why: The Decision
I’m a huge DC fan girl and when it comes to picking costumes, I always go for the bad girls. The women of DC are strong, deadly, drop dead gorgeous, and you just don’t want to mess with that! I picked out Circe’s DCUO design during the build up towards DCUO’s release. They were releasing new character designs every so often and when Circe showed up, I was completely floored by the gorgeous new design. It was flashier, sexier, and completely bad ass.

What: The Process
I slowly picked at this costume for about a week, but about 90% of it was completed in a rush last 24 hours before my shoot. Granted, there are a large number of details I’ve missed and would like to improve on, but for something thrown together in such a short time, I’m quite pleased with the result.

The top and cape are attached to an underlying bra for stability. The belt “gems” are model magic painted with acrylic.  The bottom is safety pinned on the inside to a thong using matching colored pins (good method for lining up your underwear accurately with no slippage for these types of costumes). The headpiece is made out of foam board attached to an elastic band running under my wig.  The most difficult items on this costume are the boot covers. I’ve made a good handful of boot covers before, but no matter what, I always find them the most challenging part of every costume.

An estimate for the material cost of the final costume would be well under $20. Of course, I spent several times that amount buying too much fabric and materials that didn’t get used in the final costume. But for the efficient, well prepared cosplayer on a budget, it most definitely can be done with a small handful of materials.

Where and When: The Debut

I first wore this costume in early February 2011 for a small snow shoot a friend put together with photographers and cosplayers in Wrightwood, CA. They had everything set up and when I was asked to join, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to work with so much talent in such a rare location. Yes, a snowy mountain while wearing little clothing is very cold. But hey, if you can skinny dip in ice cubes, you can certainly pull off wearing a bikini while lying in the snow. I recommend everyone try it at least once just for fun.  I’ll likely be wearing this to upcoming conventions in CA like Fanime and SD Comic Con.

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me on, DeviantArt, and AC Paradise.

The Gallery

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