You've longed for this day. At last, you can play a small section of Halo: Reach for the first time. What's that you say? The game's already out?

That's right, folks. The demo for Halo: Reach is finally available. Never mind that the game came out several months ago.

To be fair, this is an opportunity to check out the excellent game for gamers who maybe weren't ready to throw down $60 last year. If you missed the chance to play Reach's excellent campaign and stellar multiplayer, Bungie is giving you the chance to catch up for free. The demo includes the "Long Night of Solace" campaign mission, in which Noble team storms a Covenant-held facility before blasting into space. The demo also includes the option to play Free for All Slayer and Headhunter game modes on the Powerhouse map, for folks who are more into the multiplayer scene.

The demo is out at the same time as a price drop for the Games on Demand downloadable version of Halo: Reach. The entire game can now be purchased for $39.99 on Xbox Live. To help you make up your mind if the game is right for you, you can read our review of the game.

Have you played Halo: Reach yet? Is a demo and a price drop enough to lure you in?