The Joker's main squeeze isn't just getting a visual makeover for Rocksteady's anticipated sequel, Batman: Arkham City: Harley Quinn will also have a new voice. Keep reading to find out who's taking over the role.

A new Q&A at the official Arkham City community forums reveals that Harley Quinn will now be voiced by Tara Strong, an accomplished voice actress who has considerable experience with the IP, voicing The Huntress in Batman: Brave And The Bold, as well as Batgirl in a variety of games and animated series.

While we don't question Strong's vocal chops, she will be replacing Arleen Sorkin, who supplied the voice for Harley Quinn not only in Arkam Asylum, but also in Batman: The Animated Series, which is where the character was first introduced. As the original voice for Harley Quinn, Sorkin had as much of a hand in establishing the character as the writers did. Luckily, Strong is taking the role seriously. "Stepping into the role of Harley Quinn is an enormous honor that I do not take lightly," Strong says in the Q&A. "She has an established voice and character that I definitely wanted to honor."

Strong sounds like she has a good direction for the character in Arkham City as well: "Harley Quinn is classically protective of The Joker, fiercely so. She has a unique mix of psychopath and vulnerable girl sweetness. She is crafty and sharp. I see her as a force to be reckoned with."

We've contacted Warner Bros. regarding the reason for the change, and will update the story if/when we hear back from them. Batman: Arkham City will come out on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 18.

[via Joystiq]