Rockstar and Team Bondi's L.A. Noire is a grandly ambitious game. Between a lengthy, 20-plus-hour adventure, hours of  conversations, a groundbreaking animation system, and a painstaking recreation of 1940s Los Angeles, there's a lot of content in the game. So much content, in fact, that the Xbox 360 version had to be packaged as three discs (as opposed to a single Blu-ray on PS3). According to Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara, the 360 packaging could have been even larger -- as many as six discs.

In an interview with Gamespot UK, the developer revealed that much effort was expelling trying to get the Xbox 360 version of the game to fit on three discs.

McNamara commented, "It took a lot of effort to get down to three discs -- I think we were on four or five or six at one point -- and to get it onto one Blu-ray. We're pretty pleased that we got it down to that in the end."

Looks like there was a reason that this game was once a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Source: Gamespot UK via Destructoid