Update: Signs are pointing to a U.S. version of the previously revealed Final Fantasy PSN re-release. The ESRB has listed a rating for the game on its website. The game, which is listed for the PS3 and PSP has been given a T rating. Now all we need is for Square Enix to just come out and say it's coming. We're all ears, guys.

Original Story:

Square Enix has confirmed via Twitter that the 16-bit classic Final Fantasy III will be coming to PSN...in Japan. However, odds are good that PS3 owners on our side of the Pacific will get a crack at it eventually.

By the way, in case you're still confused by the numbering, this game was the one that was originally released on SNES in North America as Final Fantasy III. It has Terra, Locke, Kefka... all that good stuff.

I know Square Enix gets accused of going back to the re-release well too many times. While that's certainly a valid complaint, Final Fantasy VI is among the best games in the series (or the best, if you ask me), so I'm happy for any excuse to play through it again.

(Source: Joystiq, IGN)