Chrono Trigger is among the greatest RPGs of all time, and while fans aren't getting a new installment, the ESRB has spilled the beans with regards to an upcoming re-release of Square Enix's classic on the PlayStation Network.

According the ESRB site, Chrono Trigger received a T rating and will come out for PlayStation 3 and PSP. The only weird thing? Chrono Trigger on DS had an E10+ rating. I can't imagine what's different about this release that necessitates a jump up to T.

The game's appearance on PS3 and PSP probably means that it will be released as a PSone Classic on PSN, since previous Square Enix offerings like Xenogears and Vagrant Story had similar listings.

I know that most of us would probably prefer a new Chrono game rather than a re-release, but putting that aside, are you going to pick this one up again?