Or if you prefer, Sony and Zipper will be giving out a slew of bonuses to people who buy the game new.

New copies of SOCOM 4 contain a one-time use code that upgrades you to "SOCOM Pro," which lets you enter into Pro-only matchmaking queues as well as giving free access to planned content expansions like new guns and weapons down the line. For $14.99, you can upgrade yourself to Pro if you come by the game through any other means than buying a sealed copy.

The way that Sony is hyping it on the blog, anyone who plays multiplayer for more than a week is going to want to have a Pro membership. So don't plan on picking up SOCOM 4 on the cheap if you're into online play on anything more than a casual level.

I'm going to recuse myself from further comment on the matter as the obvious target of this move ultimately signs my checks. Feel free to discuss in the comments.