With the release of Sonic Chronicles, the sentiment at the time was that Bioware was interested in exploring more portable development. Are you considering the 3DS and NGP for future projects?

Zeschuk: Possibly. It depends. We’re starting to think of things in a more franchise basis. We think of our games as not just one-off but as a big portfolio. So you look at Dragon Age II, there’s also Dragon Age Legends on Facebook. Those two platforms bring some new stuff to the table. Figuring out how we connect to them is an interesting thing for us to explore.

Muzyka: We look at all the new platforms very carefully. All the platforms that are out now and all the ones we’re aware of coming in the future.

Bioware is juggling a lot of triple-A franchises right now. Is there room for new IP?

Muzyka: Well we have a mix of old and new and licensed and internally built properties that have turned into licenses over time. I think we’re interested in all of those possibilities. We have some games that haven’t been announced yet and some new platforms, some new genres that we haven’t announced yet that we think will be pretty exciting. Obviously, we love science fiction. We love fantasy. We’d love to extend into some new things in the future, too. Some of the stuff we haven’t announced yet I think the fans will really enjoy and hopefully be surprised and delighted.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

What have been the exciting and challenging aspects of getting into the MMO business with The Old Republic?

Zeschuk: Obviously, MMOs are an enormous undertaking. There are a lot of technical challenges that you have to accomplish. It’s just the size. Historically, Bioware’s been known to make a lot of big games. Now working on an MMO, it’s very eye opening to see just how big they are.

There are some really successful ones out there. You have things you need to do to reach the bar. But it’s really rewarding though. We’re at the stage right now of doing a lot of internal and external testing for Star Wars and it’s really shaping up. It’s exciting. There are so many moving parts and it’s an interesting challenge, but we like that.

A lot of people around the office are excited to play it. Are there any plans coming together for a public beta?

Zeschuk: You’ll have to watch our website and see. At this point we’re still in more of a closed beta period. We’re definitely making great progress on it. The feedback’s been great. There’s always lots to do, but it’s really really shaping up. Before too long you guys will get a little crack at it. Keep an eye out for that.