Thought you were done achievement hunting in StarCraft II? Think again – Blizzard has stamped the "released" label on three of its long-in-development mods for the game, and the nerd points contained therein are calling your name.

Aiur Chef (pictured) is a competitive eight-player game that rewards players with points depending the complexity of the recipes they manage to concoct out of ingredients they scavenge from around the map. The ultimate achievement for the mod is called (sigh) Executor Chef.

StarJeweled is Bejeweled, except that instead of points, matching gems gives you energy to create units that rush your opponent's base.

Left 2 Die is a cooperative version of Wings of Liberty's Outbreak mission, where you train units during the day to survive waves of zergified Terrans and assorted other gross biologicals during the night. New enemies like the Kaboomer and Stank will bust through your defenses like infested marines could only dream of, so you'll have to take advantage of the new research options to harden your base up.

Just because I can't resist the cheap shot: If it takes half a year for Blizzard to release three mods, when do you think we'll actually see the end of the StarCraft II trilogy?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I do laud Blizzard for releasing these out to the community for free; a lot of companies would jump at the chance to monetize content like this.