Commander Shepard has already saved the galaxy twice, but the final entry in the Mass Effect trilogy could be either the hero's last stand or finest hour. Earth is in jeopardy, entire civilizations are at risk, and we've got all the details. Our latest issue has 12 pages of exclusive info, screens, and art that no Mass Effect fan should miss.

Subscribers should be receiving their issues in the coming days. After you finish reading up, don't forget to keep checking back with throughout the month, since we'll have plenty of updates delving into Mass Effect 3 and the franchise as a whole.

In addition to explaining Shepard's latest mission, the May issue includes an in-depth look at Spider-Man: Edge of Time, a status report on upcoming Kinect software, and an examination of rumors that Activision might buy Take Two.

While you're waiting, you can marvel at the image you'll see adorning the issue when it's in your hands.


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