An enigmatic email was sent over to the folks at Destructoid, featuring an anaglyphed image of Bit.Trip’s Commander Video. A simple scrawl of text reads “more details coming soon.”

Destructoid muses – and we agree – that the image hints at a 3D adventure within the Bit.Trip universe. This would be a real treat considering the lauded visual presentation of the titles. While February’s Bit.Trip Flux was intended to be the final installment of the WiiWare saga, it doesn’t guarantee the IP is gone for good. Perhaps it is time to try a new platform on for size.

Back in October, Gaijin Games’ Alex Neuse revealed that the studio already had a 3DS development kit, and were working on a project for the platform. It seemed at first that they were aiming for a launch title, but that window has passed. If we had to make a prediction, we’d say that the above image is a timely reminder that something for the 3DS is still under way.

[via Destructoid. Thanks to Reese for the tip!]