The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has teamed with Xbox Live to give gamers a chance to view its annual Interactive Achievement Awards as well as select sessions from the annual DICE Summit, including a speech by Ultima creator Richard Garriott.

The highlights available from the awards show will include Game of the Year (Mass Effect 2), Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction (Red Dead Redemption), and other categories. You'll also be able to watch EA legend Bing Gordon's acceptance speech for his Lifetime Achievement award.

You'll also be able to view the following sessions from the annual DICE Summit:

Richard Garriott, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Portalarium, speaking on his foray into space and its influence on him from a game creation standpoint in his session titled, “Achieving the Impossible – Creating Games and Gateways to Space!”

John Stevenson, filmmaker and director of Kung Fu Panda, speaking on passion and pursuing his dreams as an animator in his session titled, “Monsters, Muppets and Movies”

Dr. Dave Gallo, Director at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, speaks on diving deep into the ocean and exploring the Titanic in “Exploring the Ocean Deep in 3D: To the Titanic and Beyond”

All sessions and award highlights are available free of charge on Xbox Live.

For a complete list of Interactive Achievement Award winners, read our story on the show.