It may only be for a week, but 600 PSP Go sales pushed Sony's portable just ahead of the 3DS for the week ending March 27 in Japan. The score: PSP 51,079, 3DS 50,710.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is the big driver here, which topped the week's overall sales charts and broke six figures with 104,173 units moved in its first week out.

The 3DS is lagging well behind Nintendo's lofty first-month goals for the unit despite a sold-out launch. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said back in September that he expected Japan to account for 1.5 million of the expected 4 million worldwide units, and the system checked in at just 792,954 Japanese sales at the end of its inaugural month. The tragic natural disaster that Japan is still struggling with more than likely has something to do with that, though.

What's going to push you to pull the trigger on a 3DS purchase?