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Buy Your Very Own Mega Man Legends Fan Art

Game Informer's Mega Man Legends Super Replay is airing now, and those of you who are crazy enough to watch us play through this entire game may want a keepsake. A number of talented artists on Etsy are selling  items inspired by this classic game. Capcom also has a killer collectible available. The Tron Bonne and Servbot crocheted figures pictured above were created by BurntLatex out of Portland. He's selling this one-of-a-kind collection for $65. The first GI reader with a wad of cash to burn can purchase it right here.

If you want an official product, Capcom's website is selling a hilarious Servbot bobblehead. This particular model features an "LOL face," and sells for the low price of $9.95. Only 1,000 were made.

The next piece is a Servbot knitted hat by ShadowsInTheNyte. As of this posting, three of these pieces were available for purchase.

The final piece is a painting of MegaMan Volnutt and a Servbot from artist MilesD. I like this piece, but the $150 asking price is a bit steep in my opinion.

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